Research in Yangpu District and Bilibili

“Promoting the Sound Development of Digital Platform Economics”


To advance the progress of the project“promoting the sound development of digital platform economics”, the research group of 10 people arrived at Shanghai Yangpu District on May10,2021 and paid a visit to Yangpu Riverside Public Space, Bilibiliand theKnowledge and Innovation Community(KIC).


Leader of the research group includes president of China Internet Development Foundation Ma Li, president of Shanghai Public Relations Association Hu Wei, former chairman of China International Capital Corporation Limited Li Jiange, former chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission Gao Xiqing, vice chairman of China Writers Association Liu Heng, secretary general of Eco Foundation Global Zhang Hai and member of China International Culture Exchange Centre Yip Kungwai.



Research Group arrived at Yangpu Riverside Public Space at 10 a.m., then visited Yangshupu Water Plant Trestle Bridge, Rainwater Garden, Oriental Fisherman's Wharf, Yangpu Riverside Urban Planning Exhibition Center and Renrenwu Party member Service Center. Through the visiting, the research group investigated the construction of Yangpu Riverside Public Space and party member service center, inspected the reconstruction of the old industrial sites and the riverside in Yangpu, and also learned about the century change of Yangpu riverside and the red revolution.



The research group attended the symposium in Yangpu district government, accompaniedby secretary of Yangpu district party committee Xie Jiangan, deputy secretary of party committee and district governor Xue Kan, member of the district standing committee and executive deputy district chief Zhou Haiying, deputy district chief Zhao Liang, and leader of relative departments, including district Science and Technology Committee, district riverside office and district big data center. Xue Kan, deputy secretary of party committee and district governor, reported the development of digital transformation in Yangpu and made a brief introduction on Yangpu online new economy ecological park. Leader of the research group expressed congratulation to the development of Yangpu district and shared their own opinions and ideas.



Accompanied by Xie Jiangang, secretary of Yangpu district party committee, and leader in charge of district party committee office, research institute and investment promotion office, the research group came to Bilibili in the afternoon, which is located in Guozheng center, Zhengli Road. Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of Bilibili, and his team warmly welcomed the research group. They visited the recreation area designed for the employees. The vigorous and energetic atmosphere of the young enterprise deeply impressed the research group. Then Chen Rui gave a representation on the history and current operation of the company. Two parties conducted a heated discussion on future development of Bilibili and the digital platform economy.


Afterwards the research group went to the exhibition hall of Knowledgeable and Innovative Community, located in Wujiaochang, where they learned about the plan background, orientation, operation management and enterprises settled in the community.


Through the visit the research group had a deeper understanding on digital platform economics of Yangpu, which will help to push the project, “promoting the sound development of digital platform economics”, to a new stage.


Secretary of Yangpu district party committee Xie Jiangang, leader in charge of the district party committee office and research institute accompanied throughout the whole research.