Antarctic Forum members gathered in Su Zhou


At the invitation of Yang Zongxian, the deputy chairman of the Antarctic Forum Yip Kungwai organized nearly 20 forum members to Zhenze ancient town in Su Zhou in January 18th, 2020 and held the gathering there.

Yang Zongxian introduced the geographical environment and humanity history of Zhenze ancient town to forum members. Then they inspected relevant projects and visited the town. According to the project inspection members conducted a heated discussion, which focused on establishing the Antarctic dream community we want. Members also contributed ideas and gave many concrete and pragmatic suggestions on how to build a community with a shared future for forum members.

The conception of establishing the Antarctic dream community will be based on the concept and aim of Antarctic forum, which embodies the Antarctic spirits and has a great significance and value on boosting the common development among forum members and building a community with a shared future.