2014 Welcome Speech of Xue Long

Yip Kung Wai

Deputy Chairman of the Antarctic Society

Deputy Secretary-General of the Antarctic Forum

July 2, 2014


Dear guests, dear friends,


Thank you all for taking time out to participate in the exchange of "Xue Long". Please allow me to express a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Antarctic Forum and Antarctic Society.


Everyone knows that "Xue Long" is China's largest polar expedition vessel. The other day, "Xue Long" has experienced the most thrilling voyage since the Antarctic scientific mission. "Xue Long" reached out to a Russian ship in distress in Antarctica during the first voyage around Antarctica, breaking through the severe sea ice siege and successfully rescued 52 passengers. In March, the returning "Xue Long" participated in the search of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing wreckage in the South Indian Ocean during the dock for supplement at Perth, Australia. Before the arrival of the professional ship, the "Xue Long" served as the command ship of the Chinese ship.


The series of effective rescue operations by "Xue Long"not only reflected China's scientific and technological strength and China's important international rescue position, but also proved that as a citizen of the world, we should have the human spirit and the common mission. In the world we live in, every day every corner of the world is full of people fighting for interests, visible or invisible. But the rescue mission of "Xue Long" is like a reminder, reminding the world that there is still a human spirit that we should put down self-interest and benefit others.


Throughout history, there are countless examples of human beings working together to overcome difficulties or benefit others. I hope that one day human beings can forget their interests or stop fighting because of greed and self-interest. What is the most precious wealth of mankind? It is to treat common interests as mutual interests. This is the common concept and value that we humans should pursue.


The purpose of the Antarctic Forum are four sentences: thinking about human civilization, paying attention to the global environment, promoting balanced development, and achieving common values. How to implement this purpose, how to realize our aspirations and common values, in the past and future, the Antarctic Forum will certainly be committed to practice and pay for it in a unique way.


It has been more than two years since the official preparation of the Antarctic Forum since the beginning of 2012. During this period, it has been supported by relevant sponsors and partners. The Forum formally formed the "Antarctic Forum Preparatory Committee" on April 20, 2012, and held the first meeting of the main members of the organizing committee on September 16, 2012. After active efforts, the Antarctic Forum organized the advanced group going to Antarctica in February 2013 . From November 18th to December 2nd, 2013, that was, six months ago today, the Antarctic Forum successfully organized and completed another expedition of Antarctica. More than 200 leaders from various industries around the world had set foot there.


This event was described by China's Xinhua News Agency and other media as "the first humanistic event in Antarctica". More than 20 Chinese and foreign media such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Ta Kung Pao, China Daily, Financial Times, Phoenix Satellite TV, Oriental Satellite TV, People's Daily Online,, Phoenix Daily, FT have participated and reported many times.


Everyone knows that today's China has a fast economy, a strong national strength, and the country's hard power is rapidly increasing, but its soft power is seriously lagging behind. China's weak ideological and cultural discourse power and influence have become constraints for the development of the country and society.


The Antarctic Forum is featured on the Antarctica and is committed to building a unique platform with wide influence. We hope to gather global intellectuals and social elites to discuss the highest human interests such as civilization, society, and environmental development, advance the forum's influence on the environment and human future social development, and fully reflect our soft power in international affairs. Thirty years ago, the Chinese Antarctic scientific research teamsuccessfully established China's first Antarctic Scientific Research Stationafter hardships and sufferings. To commemorate this great pioneering work, the publication of the Central Organ of the Communist Party of China published an article entitled "Antarctic Spirit" in an editorial form.


I wish the 2014 Xue Long Exchange Association a complete success and wish everyone good health and career development. Thank you again.