The Incoming Event of Antarctic Forum

To: The World We Want

—— 2019 Antarctic Low-Carbon Expedition

Date:June 15,2019  Time: 09:07  Source:People’s Daily-Tourism Section


June 1stmarks the launching ceremony of 2019 Antarctic low-carbon expedition and the Antarctic auditorium in Shanghai, themed with “the world we want” and hosted by Antarctic Forum.Members who have been to and will go to the Antarctic have formed a cooperation organization——the Antarctic Forum. Since the establishment of the Antarctic Forum, it’s beenfocusing onhuman civilization and the global environment, improving balanced development as well as achieving common value. The first advanced expedition group to Antarctic was held in February 2013. In recent years, the forum has organized several activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guiyang and Sanya, which formed more and more recognition and influence in academy, culture, finance, economy, environment protection and education.


The launching ceremony of 2019 Antarctic low-carbon expedition and the Antarctic auditorium, features mutual interests, shared responsibility and joint development.“The trip to Antarctic can let us experience the value of life. While you drive to the edge of the world, you are also deep into the center of heart”, said Yutian Cai, the executive secretary of the Antarctic Forum,on behalf of the sponsor.


During the auditorium speech, the former president of UNESCO and chairman of International Union for Conservation of Nature Xinsheng Zhang,as well asformer vice chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission and former chairman of China International Capital Corporation Jiange Li gave opening speech respectively. They elaborated on the concept of shared responsibility and mutual development.


During the event, members interacted with each other.Wei Hu, deputy director of the 13th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, leader of Shanghai Public Relations Association, indicated that Antarctic is our dream, a dream about human, earth, environment, future, the common value, concept and responsibility, and the trip to Antarctic will be a spiritual sharing journey”. GuoJie Gui, the vice president of the Antarctic Forum, chairman of CRED Holding Co., Ltd, was the representative of members who have been to the Antarctic before. He stated that the trip to Antarctic would increase our cognition to the nature, the world and the environment. Ping Wei, the chairman of Zhongbang Real Estate Holding Co., Ltd, as the representative of new members, indicated that he looks forward to the trip andlife at the southpole with wise people.


Another feature of the activity is the gathering of scientists, humanists and artists. In the course of the event, young pianist Haotian Zhang, singer Olga Senderskaya and Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois togetherdelivered a wonderful performance to the audience.


At the conference, members had a video link with all the scientific staffat the Antarctic Great Wall Station. The head of the station Leibao Liu, chairman of the Polar Research Institute of China and chief scientist Huigen Yang and 13 other staff who work at the station conducted a remote conversation with members in Shanghai. In addition, thisevent also represents the launching ceremony of Antarctic Forum——2019 Antarctic low-carbon expedition and 200 global elites will begin their journey to the Antarctic in late October 2019.