Antarctic Forum "2019 Antarctic Low Carbon Activities" kicking off

Liu Weitao  Gao Shi

October 23, 2019 18:41 Source: People's Daily Central Kitchen


The World We Want - 2019 Antarctic Low Carbon Expedition" organized by the Antarctic Forum officially kicked off in Ushuaia of Argentina on the 22nd, with nearly 200 leading figures from various industries and fields around the world. Along with the representatives of several international organizations, the leaders will land on the Antarctic continent to open this cultural event in Antarctica.

The Antarctica is known as the "last pure land of the earth." The theme of this event is "The world we want - how to fully build and advance the community of human destiny." In the next 10 days, participants will stick to the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, feeling the Antarctic environment and scenery, and focus on the relationship between Antarctic and human existence, between Antarctic and human science development, and the Antarctic exploration and human spirit. Dialogue and discussions on major issues are mainly about the relationship between Antarctic and human development philosophy as well asthe relationship between Antarctic and human environment and sustainable development".

Zhao Qizheng, former director of the State Council Information Office, believes that the problems of today's development must focus on the wisdom of human beings. Such event heeld in Antarctica itself will have a very good effect. "The environment here can bring psychological shock to people." And the enlightenment helps us to explore these grand themes that are long-term and about the future."

The Antarctic is an excellent place with high scientific value, high nature and natural resource values, high ecological and environmental values, and extremely high aesthetic value. Zhang Xinsheng, chairman of IUCN, said he hopes the Antarctic Forum will make full use of this common world platform to explore the challenges and future of humanity.

According to the organization, during the event, there will be a number of theme concerts, theme forums, international video conferences, theme presentations, high-end dialogues and will video connect from the Antarctic to Columbia University, IUCN and UNESCO. Other organizations strive to create a global high-end forum, seeking efficient international exchanges, and remind human society to pay more attention to the global environment and the future of mankind in a special way.

Hu Jin, president of the Shanghai Public Relations Association, said that Antarctica is a dream for us. This dream is about human beings, the earth, the environment, the future, the common values, the common philosophy and the common responsibility. The Antarctic will be a spiritual sharing journey.

Founded in 2012, the Antarctic Forum was jointly initiated by a number of international organizations and institutions. The Antarctic Forum aims to“think about human civilization, focus on the global environment, promote balanced development, and achieve common values.” The Antarctic Forum is committed to creating an international exchange, a public diplomatic platform that explores the humanistic ideological platform of human common interests and ultimate value. The Antarctic Forum is also committed to building a platform for the comprehensive construction and advancement of the concept of the community of human destiny.

 (Editor: Niu Wei, Yue Hongbin)