“2019 Antarctic Low-carbon Forum”held in Antarctica

November8, 2019 16:54  Source: People's Daily-Society

“The World We Want——2019 Antarctic low-carbon expedition” was held in Antarctic recently, which attracted nearly 200 leading figures from different fields worldwide and representatives of various international organizations.

The forum discussed several environmental issues such as the situation of global ocean, the ecological conservation of Antarctic and the trend and impact of global warming through theme conference and dialogue meeting. The forum also discussed the way to realize world peace and human harmony and has achieved lots of consensus with significance of action. During the forum, guests landed on Antarctic Peninsula and islands nearby to get a close look at the beauty and fragility of Antarctic and to rethink the relationship between human and nature, human themselves.

Forum guests considered that Antarctic is “the last pure land on the earth” and it belongs to all human beings. Therefore all countries and citizens around the world have the responsibility to protect Antarctic. The experience of solving Antarctic problems by negotiating and signing conventions has provided a good example for human to suspend and settle international disputes. All countries in the world should draw lessons from the former experience to explore new ways of building a community of shared future for mankind. Protecting environment and developing economy are both for a better future and contradiction must be handled in order to realize sustainable development. Human should relearn to revere nature and protecting nature should not just be a slogan but go deep into all parts of people’s work and life. We should learn more so that we can protect nature better. We should not only strengthen scientific expedition and research on Antarctic and but also the popularization and education of environmental science.

Antarctic forum was set up in 2012 by several international organizations and institutions. The aim is to “focus on human civilization and global environment, improve balanced development as well as achieving common value”. Antarctic forum is committed to build a public diplomacy platform for promoting international exchange, a humanistic thought platform for discussing common interests and ultimate value and a practice platform for building a community of shared future for mankind.


(Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Cao Kun)