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Guangming Online: On December 1st , 2013, participants of the Expedition to Antarctica of the Antarctic Forum 2013 consisting of over 160 scholars, scientists, entrepreneurs and religion leaders from all over the world visited China’s Great Wall station in Antarctica. They had warm talks with the research team of the station and presented a series of well-prepared chorus and a violin solo performed by Dan Zhu. A memorial plaque of the Antarctic Forum was given to the Great Wall Station to be displayed permanently there.


Prior to the visit, the Expedition to Antarctica of the Antarctic Forum 2013 held its first theme speech in Antarctica on November 25, which was, to our knowledge, the first time for human beings to infuse inspirations into their humanistic ideas with the help of Antarctic light since they started their explorations and scientific researches in Antarctica.


Antarctica, known as the last pure land on the earth, and the only continent that does not belong to any country, is full of rich resources shared by all human beings. In 1958, 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty which froze territorial claims in Antarctica and became a model for dealing with different kinds of disputes and demands later on.


Qide Yan and Art Lerner-Lam introduced the history of human’s exploration and scientific research in Antarctica, the current status of Antarctica and the importance of the continent and its surrounding seas for global climate and human existence. Master Guoning and Xiaonian Xu reviewed the modern civilization of human beings from the perspectives of  Buddhism  and reflection on Scientism respectively to highlight the unique value of human’s mind through the platform of pure Antarctica.


Initiated jointly by individuals from Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Paris, the Antarctic Forum follows the core idea of the Antarctic Treaty. It disregards the difference among countries and regions and focuses on discussing the common responsibilities and interests of human beings to seek joint development.


Besides the 2 theme speeches, there were several talks and lectures as well as video conferences with institutions such as Columbia University of USA in New York and IUCN in Geneva to involve American and European participants in the meetings in Antarctica to make a global forum and in-depth communications and dialogues. 


‘In such an environment as Antarctica, people’s way of thinking will be changed and their world views and values may even be influenced’, said Xinsheng Zhang, president of IUCN. ‘The Antarctic Forum tries creating a new platform to discuss world common values and Antarctica  protection’,stated Joan Kaufman, Director of East Asia of Global Centers of Columbia University of USA.


The Expedition to Antarctica is just one of the activities of the Antarctic Forum that will be held regularly. The activities of the Antarctic Think-tank and the Antarctic Committee will begin next year. The Antarctic Committee is an interactive platform mainly to attract business leaders who need to consider contribution and responsibility on spiritual level after getting rich materially. The Antarctic Think-tank will assemble expert teams of different fields by establishing connection with more international institutions, organizations and schools and publish annual reports involving common interests and responsibilities of human beings. ls and publish annual reports involving common interests and responsibilities of human beings.