An Russian amateur photographer took a picture in Antarctica,showing that a group of penguins were escaping from a melting iceberg like a troop marching hurriedly …



Throughout the thousands years of human civilization, the population growth and civilization progress are always made at the cost of exploiting nature recourses and destroying environment. Especially for last century the damage we made to nature are considered to be the most severely and cruelly.


The 2013 Antarctic Forum and related events are initiated by over 20 prestigious organizations from China and overseas. More than 200 leaders from sphere of ideology, politics, culture, science, religion, sports, finance and business will attend this historical event held at the origin point of earth. Series events of international communication such as theme concerts and theme forums will be presented to take the initiative of committing ourselves to environment conservation and harmonious social development, encouraging society to take responsibility entering new era of Antarctica.


Our Mission

Our mission is to devote ourselves to make impact and progress to the value conceptions of Chinese and international elites.


The founders’ committee of Antarctic Forum

The founders’committee was composed of about 50 to 100 international dignitaries of influential public figure and celebrities, chief officers from multinational corporations, Nobelists, remarkable artists, outstanding persons from sports ,professional experts, professors , ideologists and scientists.


Theme of Antarctic Forum 2013

Common Interests and Common Responsibilities—Future Decade for China and the World


Guests We Invited:

They are distinguished elites and leaders from varies fields of ideology, politics, culture, science, religion, sports, arts, finance and business. They concern about current affairs; care about environment conservation; collect reflections on life, undertake social responsibilities. Their innovational spirits and liberality will create resonance with the world and galvanize into actions and impact.


We sincerely invite those profound thinkers who are willing to investigate the deeper significance; those who are not only care about reality but also adhere to their innocence and dream; those innovator who laid their eyes on the future to redefine and rediscover their internal spirit and values to our forum, whose ideas, persistence and creativity will inspire us and era.